Martin Vickers MP discusses green issues with PM

CLEETHORPES MP Martin Vickers has met with the Prime Minister to discuss the Government's green agenda, which he claims will form a "significant part of the renaissance of the local economy."

Mr Vickers met David Cameron, along with other Tory MPs, who represent constituencies where renewables are likely to play a key role in the local economy.

The Conservative MP was keen to impress upon Mr Cameron the vital role renewables will play in North East Lincolnshire with the Able Marine Energy Park set to boost jobs and create growth.

But he also warned the Prime Minister that he must balance the drive towards green technologies, which will create new jobs, with the need to protect existing jobs in the area's older industries, such as the steel works in Scunthorpe.

Mr Vickers told the Telegraph: "Renewables are clearly going to play a significant part in the renaissance of the local economy but we have always to be mindful of the impact of green taxes on domestic users and intensive energy users which employ thousands of people in northern Lincolnshire so we have to get the balance right and that is what I wanted to talk to the Prime Minister about.

"Green taxes support the development of renewables in this country but they also bump up the price for domestic users which is also passed on local businesses."

Chancellor George Osborne is widely expected to slash green taxes during his Autumn Statement on December 5.

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